This shaving set consists of a double edged safety razor, shaving brush, shaving stand and five razor blades to get you started. The set is made in the United Kingdom from steel, brass and chrome and is designed to provide a great shave and at the same time looking great on the bathroom shelf.


The Norse thin handled double edged safety razor is a classic design that has stood the test of time. It is a great razor for all shavers, whether shaving your face, head, legs, chest, bikini line and whatever else you might choose to shave.


The shaving brush is NOT made from badger hair, it is made from a synthetic fibre which is made in the same way a hair grows. As a result the brush feels like a natural fibre but does not wear out in the same way a natural fibre does which means that instead of lasting only a few years it should last a lifetime. Using the synthetic fibre also means a much better life for the badger!


Shaving Set - Double Edged Safety Razor - Chrome